Nurse who threatened Kamala Harris is sentenced to one year in jail

An African-American nurse in Miami was sentenced to one year and one day in prison for having threatened in several videos to kill US Vice President Kamala Harris, according to court documents in the case.

In addition to the prison sentence, Judge José E. Martínez ordered this Tuesday that Niviane Petit Phelps, 39, a mother of three, be on probation for three years after her release from prison.

The nurse, who had pleaded guilty to six charges last September, has psychological problems as a victim of domestic violence, her lawyer, Scott Bennet Saul, told Local 10.

Having pleaded guilty, there was no need for an oral trial.

Phelps admitted in court that last February she sent her husband, who is incarcerated in a Florida jail, 30-second video clips in which he claimed to have been commissioned to kill Kamala Harris.

“Your days are already numbered,” he says in one of the videos addressing Harris, according to court documents in the case.

Using foul language, Phelps asserts that he has accepted $ 53,000 to carry out the ‘coup’ against the vice president and that he intends to complete it in 50 days.

Some of the video clips were recorded by herself and others were recorded by her children.

After submitting these videos, Phelps submitted a photograph of herself holding a firearm with a target blade at a shooting range and two days later applied for a permit to carry weapons without showing them.

Phelps also admitted to telling the law enforcement officers who handled this case that if they hadn’t come to her home, she “doesn’t know” what would have happened.

According to court documents in the case, the nurse told officers who came to her home to question her that she was “angry” that Harris had made it to the vice presidency.

Phelps said he did not believe Harris was actually black and had been annoyed that during his inauguration, he “put his hand on her purse instead of on the Bible.”