OAS condemns the disqualification of María Corina Machado: “It violates political and civil rights”

The head of the OAS General Secretariat, Luis Almagro, issued a statement in which he condemned the decision of the Venezuelan Comptroller’s Office, after disqualifying María Corina Machado, opposition presidential candidate, from holding any public office for a term of 15 years. . In this note, we will tell you all the details about this message.

What did the OAS say about María Corina Machado?

Almagro directly criticized this decision, to do so, he argued that it is an attack against democracy and the rule of law.

“It violates elementary political and civil rights, including those stipulated in Article 23 of the American Convention on Human Rights regarding the right to elect and be elected,” he said.

Statement issued by the OAS General Secretariat. Photo: Luis Almagro/Twitter

This pronouncement is given after the announcement of the Chavista jose britoin the afternoon of friday june 30in which he confirmed the sanction taken by the government entity towards María Corina Machado.

Disqualification of María Corina Machado: who else spoke out?

This fact alarmed various political leaders, who expressed their concern about the situation in Venezuela. One of them was his Colombian counterpart, Gustavo Petro, who pointed out that “no administrative authority should take away political rights from any citizen.”

Another show of support for María Corina Machado came from her fellow fighter Juan Guaidó, who did not hesitate to condemn the act and encourage Venezuelans to register to vote in the next 2023 Primary.

The candidate of the Primero Justicia party, Henrique Capriles, also expressed his discomfort and indicated that this was an “unconstitutional, unfounded and shameful” decision. Likewise, he showed his solidarity and explained that they will seek justice for the candidate.

Added to this position are other characters involved in Venezuelan politics such as Juan Pablo Guanipa, Juan Barreto, Carlos Prosperi, Antonio Ledezma, Delsa Solórzano, among others.