Octavio Ocaña: expert determines that the actor did not shoot himself

Investigations into the death of Octavio Ocana they are still standing. The Mexican actor passed away on October 29, after a chase with the Police. According to the Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico, the interpreter of Benito Rivers in the series Neighbors shot himself. The actor’s family hired an investigative team to not believing in the official version of the authorities.

From the beginning, the actor’s father revealed to the Mexican press that do not trust information that has been released by the authorities regarding the death of your child.

“He did not want to stop because We no longer trust the Police. He crashed and was shot in the head, that easy. They made it easy for them to shoot him. Even if it’s the last thing I do in my life, but I’m going to avenge my son. Justice will be done “ Octavio Pérez expressed about his son.

The Mexican authorities indicated that the actor he died of a self-inflicted gunshot, made with a weapon of his own. However, the experts and lawyers hired by Octavio Ocaña’s family have revealed information that question the veracity of the version given by the Attorney General of the State of Mexico.

Octavio’s father and sister visited the talk show Firsthand. They were interviewed together with the team of researchers they have hired.

The Ocañas’ lawyer, Rafael Alejandro Martínez, said that they had access to the investigation records folder. They are consulting to clarify what happened on October 29.

On the other hand, the expert witness Mauricio Reséndiz specified that their inquiries are not yet complete. “There are some elements to review to have a much more accurate path, scientifically speaking,” he said. Reséndiz too rules out that the interpreter of Benito Rivers has accidentally shot himself.

“There is a discrepancy. There are elements of a chemical, physical and biological order that occur when a person is killed by a firearm. In this case, these elements do not exist in their entirety to have the scientific certainty that he fired the shot in order to be able to deprive himself of life ”, explains the expert. “Therefore, I consider, up to this point, that scientifically, the fact that he has operated the weapon to kill himself cannot be verified “ Reséndiz concluded.

He explained that the truck that Octavio drove had three bullets in the back, caused by the Police.

He also specified that, with respect to the shot that would have taken the actor’s death there is no ballistic study to be able to check. He indicated that there is no bullet, but there are casings of different weapons that will allow us to get closer to the reality of the event.

After disclosing the information given by the expert, Octavio Pérez, father of the actor, declared that he trusts that the facts will be clarified and the truth will be revealed.