Oh, everything hurts!

I got up feeling more dead than alive, I ran into Emma who began to exclaim and cross herself. Surprised, I asked her why this scandal and she replied that I looked scary! I told him that I felt bad and that everything hurt, so I would go back to bed, where I should take my coffee and breakfast. Then I dove into the sheets.

After drinking my coffee and snacking on some breakfast, I settled down for a nap, hoping to feel better later. Vain hope! Emma took the opportunity to call all my children, exaggerating my condition to the maximum. They were not long in parading alarmed, one put the thermometer on me, another decided to give me some scrubs, another smeared me with Vick VapoRub. Faced with my protests, my eldest daughter ruled that she would call the laboratory for a test to rule out the covid. The smallest one very dramatically pointed out that they should also test me for influenza, which is hitting.

As soon as they let me speak, I told them that I believed that what was happening to me was a bearded flu, the kind that gives from time to time and mistreat you in a beautiful way. I couldn’t convince them and had to undergo laboratory tests. Not happy with that, they made an appointment with the doctor and there I went, with my damaged anatomy. Said and done, the tests came back negative and the doctor diagnosed a bad flu. So I returned home, to submit to the care of my unparalleled handyman. I got caught up in Vick VapoRub again, subjected myself to another sober, and swallowed several flu pills. At last I was free from attention and submerged myself under the covers to take my long-awaited nap!