Old woman goes to mass every Sunday to appear on TV and for her son to see her from abroad

The tender story of an 86-year-old woman was released on Sunday, November 21. Margarita has a son who lives in the United States, so she devised a way for him to know that the octogenarian is fine, says her great-niece.

She does not have a mobile phone: “I don’t see him, but he sees me.”

Every Sunday, the old woman takes the bus and goes to the scheduled mass in the cathedral of Guadalajara, a city in western Mexico. The reason? The cult is recorded and broadcast in the US That way, his son Ray can watch the international broadcast and see his mother.

Margarita tries to always put herself in the front row and even directs him a gesture. “Sometimes, when I go to communion, I even do a discreet little greeting for Ray,” reads the publication of Siboney Flores, a fact-checking communicator, who made the case public.

According to Siboney, the son does not miss the Sunday broadcast and, when they manage to talk, he even describes the clothes he was wearing to show that he had seen them.

The story reached many users of the aforementioned social network. Some suggest that a video call would facilitate communication and make them very happy, to which the protagonist’s great-niece promised to give her her own cell phone.