Olga Tañón reveals that she has dyslexia and that she discovered it when she was over 30 years old

He is not afraid of anything! Olga Tanon into a Puerto Rican singer who has become known for singing merengue and Latin pop; However, her talent is not only as a performer, but also as a composer, in addition to the entire dance show that she presents at her concerts because of the artistic skill that she brings with her.

“He’s a liar”, “Bad boy”, “How to forget” and many more hits have been sung by her; however, she spent several years not so focused on new musical projects. This October 8, the winner of two grammys He used his social networks to raise awareness among his followers by talking about dyslexia.

Singer Olga Tanon wrote on her Instagram account: “Since I was a child I wondered the why I couldn’t concentrate when I wanted to read a book. Reading a teleprompter gives me a lot of work, because I start well and at the moment I see how the letters dance and don’t stop moving”.

I discovered that I am dyslexic when I was over 30 years old and I always tried to hide it because I didn’t know what was going on in my mind. After I found out, I cried and cried because everything strangely lived had a name”, He continued to ask her for more empathy with people who, like her, suffer from this disorder.

The artist Olga Tañón returns to Peru as part of her tour “i’m back”. The popular ‘Woman of fire’ will make her Peruvian followers dance this November 19 with her best hits. In addition, it is known that the singer is looking for a representative to animate the first part of her show.