Olinda Castañeda: “My daughter will be born on May 1 by caesarean section”

There are only a few days left for Olinda Castañeda to give birth to her third child, the fruit of love with her husband Christian Martial.

The former model confesses that she feels very nervous as if it were the first time she was going to be a mother.

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—How is your pregnancy going?

-Well thank God. If nothing is missing. We are with all the preparations to receive it. Buying the things I need. I feel like a beginner, nervous…

“When is the delivery scheduled?”

—For the first of May, nothing is missing.

Is your delivery going to be by cesarean section or natural?

—The doctor told me that it will be by caesarean section, since I have two previous ones. I’m wanting it to be natural, because my last C-section was 11 years ago.

Are you going to wait until the last for the option of natural childbirth?

—Let’s see what happens, I’ll leave it in God’s hands, He has the last answer. In natural childbirth, recovery is faster.

“What’s your little girl’s name going to be?”

Arlett Christel. Between my husband and I we were looking at name options and we liked that one a lot, because the meaning of Arlett is God’s altar.

“And your baby shower?”

“We’re going to do it this weekend.” It will be something intimate and familiar.

—Do you miss being on television or modeling?

—Not at all, I’m too happy with my life and with my family.

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“To take care of your children”

olinda castaneda He asked parents to pay a lot of attention and care with their children due to the latest attacks on minors. “The world is getting more and more wicked. We must always be attentive to our children, to take care of them, ”she recommended.