On the list of reinforcements: Álex Valera would be in the orbit of San Lorenzo de Argentina

New airs? While at the Sports University they suffer from the cancellation of the Cream Night, the team could suffer a loss for this season since Álex Valera, forward of the ‘U’, would be in the orbit of San Lorenzo de Argentina.

The attacker has been completing his second year with the Ate team shirt and is part of the preseason of the team led by Gregorio Pérez. However, his good performance in 2021 would have aroused interest in the cast of ‘Cuervo’.

Valera is on the list of reinforcements. I’m following him and he seems like a very interesting striker. We’ll see what happens ”, mentioned Pedro Troglio, DT of San Lorenzo, for Willax Deportes.

This would not be the first time that the Argentine coach looks at a Peruvian player as reinforcement for a club in the Argentine league. Previously, When he directed Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata, he signed Alexi Gómez. Now, he will try to repeat the formula, but this time with Álex Valera.

Álex Valera had a good 2021, especially in the final stretch, when Gregorio Pérez arrived to train at Universitario.

The 25-year-old forward played a total of 51 games, between the local tournament and the Copa Libertadores, and managed to score a total of 22 goals. He also made 11 assists. Two of his entries were made in the international competition.