One day before his wedding, a man goes to sleep with his girlfriend, but she wakes up dead.

Preparations were ready for the wedding between Nadia Joseph Gosine33 years old, and Devon Gosine, 37. It would be the best day of their lives, they thought, but instead, now it will be remembered as a tragic day of mourning. Hours before getting married, the woman suddenly did not wake up, she had died next to her fiancée, due to a liver failure.

Nadia He had health problems (liver and kidney diseases), but they thought he had recovered. For this reason, the couple from the United Kingdom, and who had been together for more than five years, had decided to travel to an island near Venezuela to celebrate your engagement.

Devon she said that the night before the wedding they had stayed up talking late, after her friends called to wish her well during the wedding. The couple had discussed their future and made plans.

The fiancé also revealed that that night Nadia she had been having trouble sleeping, but she thought it was because of her nerves over the impending wedding.

“She was the love of my life. She was always the best part of my life, ”Devon said through tears to her relatives, a scene that was shocking to everyone.

His sister, Isha Daleywho works for the UK’s National Health Service, said Nadia’s liver was severely affected, to the point that death was imminent, even if she had received medical help.