One year of the attack on the Capitol: why did it happen and what were the consequences?

As you recall, 365 days ago a assault on the Capitol headquarters of the United States, in which several protesters supporters of the then re-election candidate Donald Trump protested what they considered “a fraud” in the November 2020 elections. On January 6, 2021, the world saw with surprise these unfortunate events, which caused the condemnation of world leaders. Precisely, President Joe Biden has reflected on this, and blamed Trump for the assault, his “lies” and his “wounded ego.”

A year ago, supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building, which houses both houses of the United States Congress. Dressed with American and Confederate flags, and with clothing alluding to war events, the Trumpist hosts invaded this imposing building and set out to cause destruction, which caused the death of five people and injured 140 security agents who tried to prevent the attack. .

This episode occurred because the supporters of Donald Trump and several members of the Republican Party did not accept the defeat of the then president. On that date, Congress (both the House of Representatives and the Senate) had to endorse the results that the Electoral College had given in December, regarding the November 2020 elections.

A committee of the House of Representatives has been investigating what happened for six months, in addition to the role of Donald Trump and his surroundings during the day of the assault. As recalled, Trump urged his followers to “fight like hell” in order to “take back” the country, inviting them to march towards Congress.

US President Joe Biden said the assault on the Capitol a year ago, which left five people dead and 140 injured, was an “armed insurrection” and accused former President Donald Trump of doing nothing about it. “For hours” to prevent a tragedy.