Orlando Fundichely celebrates his eldest daughter’s birthday with an emotional message

Orlando fundichely He touched social networks after the last publication he made on his Instagram account. The Cuban actor recognized for his artistic career in Peru greeted his eldest daughter on her 22nd birthday with a tender message accompanied by a photograph in which he posed with her.

The actor began by remembering how excited he was to become a father.

“Today is January 22 since that day I saw you for the first time. I imagined you as much as no one can imagine, but when you appeared on stage I understood that reality would surpass my happiest dreams, I understood that my life would change forever “, wrote the interpreter.

Fundichely He also expressed his gratitude for the birth and growth of the young woman.

Today you are already a woman and I want to thank God, life and the universe for this, for having had that privilege. Congratulations on your day, daughter! Always a piece of you accompanies me wherever my wings take me ”, the Cuban concluded.

After the actor’s emotional post, his followers joined in congratulating the young woman on her special day.

“Couple of beautiful, many congratulations for your baby”, “She is as beautiful as you, may she continue serving many more years”, “Congratulations to your beautiful princess in her 22 years”, it was read in the comment box.