Our women: prejudices under the magnifying glass

In Our Women, three friends who meet — for the last 30 years — every week to play cards and deny their emotional relationships have their routine interrupted because one of them is late. “My character is a guy who has always been a womanizer, who has always cared about money, looking good, exercising. He owns two successful hair salons. But he is a man far from culture and very possessive. Actually, it has all the flaws, “he says. Julian Legaspi at the Julieta Theater, which opens its doors with limited capacity on Saturdays and Sundays.

The actor notes that he feels estranged from his most famous character, Caligula. “I do not consider myself macho, I consider myself quite modern and egalitarian, but the majority of the population does not think that way. I think this work is an excuse to talk about masculinity about being possessive, jealous and how a man can lose his wife and not realize it. “

Our women is a tragicomedy released in several countries and questions what it is to be a man today and violence. “The man of today should understand and assume his feminine side as well. It has to be more thoughtful, less hoarding. Women can now, for example, earn much more money and a man has to accept that women can be an example ”, adds Legaspi.

TO Leonardo Torres Vilar one of the things that pleased him most about returning to the theater with this play directed by Aldo miyashiro it was that the three characters, somehow, were right. “The women do not appear, but they are the protagonists probably. My character is no less macho than Julian’s, for example, but he doesn’t accept it. He believes that what he is saying is so normal that it is unappealable, he does not accept that someone can think differently. But question others ”.

He agrees that the play encourages a conversation about new masculinities. “We entered thorny terrain. They want to change the traditional roles of men and women, which is not bad, I think it is very good. If the traditional role of men has been to command and women to have fewer opportunities, that is traditional, but it is good that we break tradition. That is one of the injustices with which we have grown up and that it is good that we live in a time of ‘awakening’, and this work has enough of that ”.

But the first thing Torres Vilar expects from the audience that returns to the theater after almost two years is to have fun. “The theater has to be entertaining, it comes first. And when you leave the room, start questioning yourself. In my case, it is difficult for me to change my way of thinking, but I have changed and I have said: ‘I have been wrong all my life’ “.

Bruno Odar For whom the pandemic has been a “great X-ray” that also served to see the reality of the cultural sector, Our Women is a comedy that asks questions that “all men” should take into account. “The man in the first place should be an empathetic human being who should not solve everything with violence and less attack a woman, that is totally cowardly. The man has been in charge all this time of dirtying his masculinity. This violence is the slapping of a drowning man ”.

On the other hand, the comedy talks about friendship in the middle of a crisis that the three of them hide. “My character is the conciliator,” says Odar and shares an anecdote. “At one time there was an altercation in the street, I was already known, the guy got out of the car and wanted to hit me. He was younger than me and very tall, so I begged him to recognize me (smiles). And people started doing the classic circle when men fight. I was afraid, and because I was afraid I did not stop being a man. I solved it by talking, he wanted to prove to himself that he was a man, and to prove it is that they also mistreat a woman ”.