Outrage in Argentina: woman sets fire to a homeless man while he slept on the street

The brutal attack on a homeless man in Argentina has shocked its citizens and the entire world. On December 26, security cameras captured the precise moment in which a woman set a man on fire homeless, who was sleeping on a street in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Pompeya.

It was 4:43 am when the woman approached the man’s makeshift shelter that had a mattress, blankets and a shopping cart. In the images, you can see how he takes out a lighter, lights the mattress and flees.

In a matter of seconds, the fire seized the fabrics and advanced on the cart where the victim had his belongings. Although the flames were growing in intensity, the man did not realize it and continued sleeping until his companion ran to help him.

Fortunately, the man was not seriously injured and according to a local merchant revealed, a few days later he returned to sleep at the scene of the attack.

Joni, the victim of the attack, managed to talk about what happened with the media. “I don’t know the woman. Likewise, no person deserves to be done that “ Held.

“He was alone at the time of the attack. I repeat it again, I want to do justice. What I felt is that it was a ghost. I only have burned feet, ”said the victim, who also said that the flames also affected her head.

Now, what Joni needs the most is clothes and a mattress again. “Yesterday they gave me some slippers,” he concluded.

The national deputy for the city of Buenos Aires of the Frente de Todos, Leandro santoro He rejected what happened through his Twitter account. “The assimilation of insensitivity to strength, the naturalization of intolerance and ultra-individualism are changing our society. On Sunday a woman set fire to a homeless man who was sleeping on the street in the Pompeii neighborhood. It should be a scandal, it isn’t, ”he said.

According to Infobae, the case was in the hands of magistrate Diego Alejandro Togni, head of the Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office No. 11, who intervened ex officio after the disclosure of the images. The qualification of the file is for investigation of attempted homicide.

A similar case occurred months ago in the City of La Plata, when a homeless man identified as Jorge Duret He was attacked while he was sleeping by a man who, without a word, threw alcohol at his body and set fire with a lighter.