Outrage in Iraq: a girl is forced to marry the pedophile who abused her

The case of a girl forced by her father to marry the pedophile who abused her has sparked anger and protests in Iraq. It occurs while the country awaits the announcement of the final results in an election that could initiate a reshaping of the political agenda.

The 12-year-old girl was forced into marriage without the approval of her mother, who is divorced and is her legal guardian. On Iraq, the legal age for marriage is 18 years, but there are exceptions to allow the union with 15 years, with a parental or judicial agreement, according to Save The Children.

“The religious marriages They are not allowed “outside a certain framework,” but this type of union continues to occur regularly and can be formalized with the payment of a fine, “the NGO explains in a recent report.

“The cleric went and married (the girl) his rapist, he is here today to ratify the contract in court,” denounced the activist and feminist Yanar Muhammad to Rudaw, this Sunday, November 21, when he was leading a protest in front of the court, where the mother of the minor tried to stop the legalization of the marriage.

“Iraq is selling our daughters. Unfortunately so far there is no candidate who addresses sensitive issues in society, ”said Muhammad, noting that Iraqi law does not protect girls.

The Organization for the Freedom of Women in Iraq (Owfi), for its part, has demanded the abolition of forced marriage and called for the imprisonment of her father and the sexual offender. Owfi also called for the enactment of a law criminalizing all minor marriages.

According to the Rudaw portal, women pressured into marriage are often accompanied by their parents to court, and they are too fearful to confront their family or file a complaint later, fearing it could put their lives in danger.

Laws currently exist before Parliament on issues that directly affect the safety of Iraqi women and girls.

Marwan Obeidi The mother’s lawyer told AFP that he was asking a court near Baghdad “not to register the marriage,” because the girl “He cannot marry due to his young age.” The hearing was postponed to November 28.

With information from AFP.