Outrage over Brazilian influencer who was doped and abused: “I didn’t know I had been raped”

A terrible event has shocked everyone in Brazil after an episode of sexual abuse became known in the municipality of Jaguariúna, São Paulo state. It is about Franciane Andrade, a young influencer who denounced that she was a victim of rape in the middle of a holiday after being doped.

According to El Clarín, the 23-year-old was drugged with a powerful substance called “Good Night Cinderella”, which they placed in her drink while she enjoyed the event in Sao Paulo.

People who consume “Boa noite Cinderella”, known as that in Brazil, may be left unconscious because their body enters a generalized state of confusion, as explained by the executive director of the Brazilian Public Health Forum, Samira Bueno

“The person is left passed out and vulnerable, so the aggressor can take advantage of them. It is very common for victims to barely remember what happened afterwards and it is difficult to make a complaint “, said the expert, adding that this drug is used by young people in bars” in order to abuse. “

Does not remember the abuse

Franciane Andrade She indicated that she does not remember that she was abused on that holiday and realized when she began to feel pain. After undergoing medical examinations, she learned that she had been sexually abused.

“I did not know that I had been raped. At night I began to feel pain and, after medical tests, it was found that I was a victim of abuse. The exam cannot determine if it was one, two or three people, “he said.

During an interview, the Brazilian influencer stated that they found her in the middle of the street with signs of being disoriented due to drug use “Good night cinderella“.

“I have photos of all the injuries. Don’t come to accuse the victim. You don’t know what’s going on in my head. You don’t know how much honor kills. I’ve never lied in my life, ”she told those who accuse her of lying about abuse.

It should be noted that the Civil Police of Brazil is investigating the complaint of sexual abuse. So far, three companions of the victim have been questioned, but no one has yet been arrested.