Over-gifted children? Apply the rule of the four gifts on Three Kings Day

According to the latest studies, children receive ten times more at Christmas gifts of those who need. You’ve probably heard it a dozen times: children end up wanting the toy that you did not buy them (and that their neighbor has) or preferring the box or the envelope. It is so. Therefore, the specialists They recommend not overdoing it when giving them. Because, among other things, they become overloaded, and that turns off their illusion and overstimulates them, according to the portal serpadres.es.

Do you really think children enjoy every time they get a flood of toys? Do they really value each gift? The answer is no”. How many more gifts they receive, the emptier they feel, because they are not able to ‘digest’ such indulgence.

This situation is known as the “Hyper-gifted Child Syndrome” and consists of the false attempt of the fathers to compensate with toys the little time they spend with their children throughout the year. A fact that is dangerous for the good emotional development of the little ones.

For this reason, both child psychologists What pediatricians recommend following the rule of four gifts. They assure that it is the perfect figure to make them happy. It is simple.

The rule of the four gifts

  1. Something to wear (clothes, shoes, an accessory …).

  2. Something to read

  3. Something that they really want (the favorite or preferred, the one they have asked for, the one that fills them with enthusiasm and they look forward to)

  4. Something that they really need.

It is about betting on quality in the gifts Christmas vs. quantity, a real challenge when it comes to children. Because they, obviously, feel an unbridled desire to have everything and, if possible, now, at this very moment.