Pablo Míguez after his Peruvian nationality: I have managed to fulfill a process that takes time

This Tuesday, January 11, the Peruvian nacionality by naturalization to the soccer player of Alliance Lima Pablo Míguez. “It is a very great happiness”, declared the intimate player, who from this year will stop occupying a foreigner’s quota in the Blue and White institution.

Pablo Míguez An athlete who was born in Uruguay, he stamped his signature to the title of Peruvian nationality at the Immigration Office. Upon leaving the premises, he did not hesitate to express his happiness and made clear his appreciation for the country.

Peru is a country that I had to go to, it opened the doors for me and I am happy. I have been to various places, but when I arrived in this beautiful country, I felt comfortable. It was a personal aspiration to have Peruvian nationality, ”Míguez revealed to the press.

“I have achieved the objective of complying with the process that takes time; But is it worth it. I thank all the people from Migrations who participated in my nationalization ”, added the popular ‘Cotorra’.

Beto da Silva joined the Alianza Lima preseason and everything indicated that he would be part of the squad to play in League 1 and the Copa Libertadores. However, in the last hours, it was known that the Blue and White team would be negotiating the termination of the national attacker’s contract.

According to information published by the newspaper Trome, the 25-year-old footballer would have agreed to end the relationship with the Victorians, but would have also demanded that the club comply with paying him the entire year of his salary.

This amount would amount to $ 240,000, that is, about one million soles. The La Victoria squad would try to reach an agreement for the departure of the gunner, since it would not be found in the plans of coach Carlos Bustos.