Pablo Montero, accompanied by a mariachis, sings to Nicolás Maduro on his birthday

Through the State channel and through social networks, the moment in which the Mexican singer Pablo Montero he sang to the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, on the occasion of his birthday.

A year ago there was a controversy with the Dominican artist Bonny Cepeda who confessed that he received a payment of $ 60,000 after offering his recital on the birthday of the Venezuelan president.

During the night of this Tuesday, Montero, dressed as a charro and accompanied by a group of mariachis, performed the “Llanera soul” “The mañanitas” and “The king”.

For his part, Maduro awarded the surprise of the singer’s visit to his wife, Cilia Flores. The celebration took place in the courtyard of the Miraflores Palace in Caracas.

In the act, the Mexican artist gave a hat to the socialist leader. “Thanks to all the beautiful people in this country who have always received me with a lot of affection, a lot of love. And we come with all our hearts to bring Mexican music. Nicolás, I give you this hat that is mine, with a lot of affection, and you have a penny ”, express.

Maduro was grateful for the surprise and for the gift that the artist gave him.

“8 years ago Juan Gabriel also sang to me. I thank you, Pablo Montero. I thank the artists of El Sistema. I appreciate the celebration of this 59th birthday at the Miraflores Palace. Cilia is the culprit of this surprise that they gave me today. Great, blessings to Mexico, ”he said. Mature.