Pablo Montero sings to Nicolás Maduro for his birthday and criticizes him

This Tuesday Nicolás Maduro turned 59 and, as is his custom, held an opulent celebration at the Miraflores Palace, which was broadcast on open television, with hundreds of guests.

One of the luxury attendees was the Mexican actor and singer Pablo Montero, who made the trip to perform a private show, which was full of gifts and good wishes in honor of Maduro and his family.

The first lady of Venezuela, Cilia Flores, wanted to surprise Nicolás Maduro with a serenade for his 59th birthday, for which she hired the Mexican singer Pablo Montero, who came to the celebration at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas with a band of mariachis.

Along with his mariachi group, Montero performed different songs, among which were Alma Llanera, by Pedro Elías Gutiérrez; These jealousies, by Vicente Fernández; El Rey, by José Alfredo Jiménez; and Las Mañanitas.

Dressed in a black suit and an enormous hat characteristic of the charrería, Pablo Montero intoned these melodies with his thick voice while greeting Maduro, his wife Cilia Flores and their youngest daughter.

“Nicolás, I give you this hat that is mine, with a lot of affection, and you have a penny,” added Montero.

Maduro, for his part, shared on his Twitter account several photos in which they are seen enjoying with the singer.

As expected, Montero was criticized for being part of the birthday of the Venezuelan president, whom international organizations have condemned for repressing the opposition, preventing the holding of elections with democratic guarantees and plunging the country into an unprecedented economic crisis.

“While the ordinary Venezuelan can not buy a piece of cake, you are embezzling state funds,” commented a Twitter user. “If you want it so much, come and live here in Venezuela, come and suffer as the Venezuelan people suffer today!”, Said another.

According to People en español, the performance last year of the merenguero Bonny Cepeda on Madura’s birthday also caused controversy, even more so after he claimed to have charged $ 60,000 for singing, although he later denied having been compensated.