Paloma de la Guaracha accuses Tony Rosado of trying to sexually abuse her: “It was something very ugly”

Scandal! The popular Paloma de la Guaracha was interviewed for a YouTube channel hosted by Sara Manrique and Joao Castillo (former member of “JB en ATV”) where she revealed certain passages that she lived with some characters from the Peruvian show business. However, among so many statements, she announced that Tony Rosado tried to sexually abuse her.

Was Sarah who consulted Pigeon how was what Tony he went too far with her and the guest began describing things. Although she showed that she did not want to remember what she had experienced, the popular ‘Kim Kardashian from Santa Anita‘ revealed that the cumbiambero began with his harassment during a party where she and her friends were, and he played for a few moments, but he stressed that the act did not materialize because the vocalist’s wife arrived and went to Ica.

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Nevertheless, of the Guaracha maintained that after a couple of months they saw their faces again when Pink He had to make some recordings for the “Fiesta Sundays” program, which was held in the Santa Anita district.

“After 2 or 3 months he spent in Santa Anita. You know that there is always a program this ‘Thursday party’ (Fiesta Sundays), “said the figure of the Peruvian show business.

Following, Guaracha Dove held that tony rosado He contacted her because it would be close to the place where she lives and invited her to meet at a certain point, where she arrived in the company of a friend.

“He says to me: ‘Dove, where are you?’ Because he knows that I live in that area. ‘I’m here at my house’ (he replied). And he tells me: ‘Can you come?’ And I grabbed and left with a little friend who accompanied me.”

The famous ‘Kim Kardashian from Santa Anita‘ mentioned that the cumbia singer he was in his truck when he called her once more asking for her location and then once he saw her, he parked.

“He was in his truck and as he was going, he turned around so we could meet. He grabs me and says: ‘Where are you?’ ‘I’m right here in the Church of Santa Anita, next to the plaza’ (he would answer). And he comes out and straightens up.”

In the same way, he revealed that, after meeting, they shared some photographs, but then it was tony rosado who invited her to get into his truck because he wanted to talk to her.

“And he tells me ‘Come.’

However, Pigeon He maintains that he did not want to get on since he wanted to know what he wanted to say without having to be in the tinted vehicle that the cumbia singer had. In addition, he tells that he kicked his driver out of the unit.

“The whole truck was all tinted. And I grabbed and said: ‘What do you want to tell me? Tell me here’. And he told me: ‘No, I want to talk to you, let’s go get in, get in. And the driver was in front of the helm and he threw”.

of the Guaracha indicated that once he got into the car of tony rosadohe began to ask him about the things that he wanted to tell him so much.

“And he grabs and I tell him: ‘But why did you make me go up? What happened? Tell me’ And I was in a skirt.

And, apparently, the cumbiambero did not respond to anything that Pigeon He answered her and only managed to take advantage of her by force by removing her undergarment.

“And he grabbed, the only thing he did, what he did, he put his hand in front of me and wanted to raise my free kick and pull my underwear”

Likewise, the television figure Maintains that tony rosado he had the intentions of reaching further and achieving his goal, while she wanted to escape from the moment.

“And he already wanted to come over me and I brought out my full strength, no, because in truth, it was something ugly for me.”

Next, the businesswoman also stated that the controversial singer he grabbed her by force and called what he tried to do with her a “rape.”

“And that he grabs me by force because what he really wanted to do is rape me by force”

After the confession Sara Manrique asked him how he did to escape from that moment in which tony rosado tried to abuse her. What Pigeon He maintained that he does not know where his strength came from and he managed to get rid of the singer.

“I held on, I got so strong that, I don’t know where I got my strength from and I had to lie to him that I was on my period.”

Paloma, the celebrity character, also added that it was the first time something like this had happened to him, emphasizing that the attempted sexual abuse they had against him at the hands of the cumbiambero was a tremendous scare.

“For me it was a very strong scare because it has never happened to me in my life”

Finally, Guaracha Dove stated that after getting rid of tony rosadogot out of his vehicle to leave and escape the terrifying moment he lived with the cumbia singer.

“I grabbed, let go, let go and I got out of the car and he came after me,” he said.

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