Paloma de la Guaracha reveals that Javier Yaipén wanted to pay her not to show spicy chats on Magaly TV

In it 2020Paloma de la Guaracha was in the news for announcing that she had some very risqué conversations with Javier Yaipena member of the “Hermanos Yaipén”, generating various headlines in the media. However, this time they asked her about the subject and how she decided to sit on the Magaly Medina program to reveal such a “bomb”.

Erika Luzname of Pigeon, was presented on a YouTube channel managed by Sara Manrique and Joao Castillo. They both wanted to know more details about what happened with Javier, so they did not hesitate to ask him to explain everything with luxuries and details.

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De la Guaracha stated that he was performing live for his hundreds of followers when suddenly Mr. yaipen he writes asking him what he was doing at that moment. After her answer, ‘Kim Kardashian from Santa Anita‘ revealed that the musician called her via video and she got her cell phones ready to record.

“I was in my transmissions and from there Yaipén writes to me and says: ‘What are you doing?’ In the jacuzzi, what did he do? Call on a video call and I said: “Are you going to call me? Yeah, yeah. And what I did, at the moment before he called me, I had got my two cell phones ready and to record, to the touch “, expressed Guaracha Dove.

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Paloma de la Guaracha tells that Javier Yaipén tried to pay her so that she does not appear on Magaly TV

In the same way, Paloma de la Guracha maintained that after the conversations she had with Javier Yaipenleader of the Yaipén Brothers, he asked him not to go to Magaly Medina in exchange for a sum of money that he would offer him.

However, Pigeon he did not accept the proposal that he made Javier and went to her in order to show all the risqué conversation they had before the cameras of “Magaly TV – The Firm“.

“He called me the only thing to tell me not to sit in Magaly and that he was going to pay me well (ticket). He wanted to pay me not to sit in Magaly’s chamber. ‘Don’t go, I’m going to pay you’ ( told him). No, I went and sat down”, expressed the recognized as ‘Kim Kardashian from Santa Anita‘.