Paloma Fiuza returned to Brazil to start the new year with her family [VIDEO]

The Brazilian model Paloma Fiuza has lived in Peru for many years and due to her work in this country she has not been able to spend important dates with her family such as Christmas. However, he did his best to be with them in 2022.

In More Shows, with the conduction of Jazmín Pinedo, images of the garota were shared very happy enjoying the company of their own after their return to Brazil.

The warrior was happy to be with her relatives. Likewise, it disseminated images of the traditional dishes of Brazil.

On the other hand, the reality boys Ducelia Echevaría and Ignacio Baladán also decided to start their new year in the company of their loved ones.

The blonde traveled to Pozuzo with her little daughter enjoying the beautiful landscapes of this place.

Ignacio Baladán returned to Uruguay and was reunited with his parents.

Paloma Fiuza and Ducelia Echevarría almost fight in smacking game

A tense moment was lived on the set of This is War during the smacking game and that is when Paloma Fiuza and Ducelia Echevarría almost quarreled.

“What’s up? Paloma almost slapped Ducelia with the slap. When a combatant does that, they won’t let it pass just like that,” “Paloma reluctantly threw the cake at Ducelia and they are not going to say anything to her? “,” Paloma is never like that, but Ducelia hit her with the cake, that’s why her reaction, Ducelia takes advantage of the game, she is very aggressive, “were the comments about it from the reality’s followers.