Paloma Fiuza wants to be a mother in 2022: “It’s my dream, I would love to, who knows?” [VIDEO]

Is the stork coming? Paloma Fiuza is happy in a relationship with businessman Sergio García, and now she announced that both would take a new step in their lives soon.

In conversation with GV Producciones for her official Instagram account, the Brazilian was surprised to talk about her plans for the New Year and how she will receive 2022, after regretting not being with her loved ones at Christmas.

“I always celebrate in Brazil with my family, because I spend the whole year here, and well, this moment comes that is so familiar. A happy year for all of you, I love you very much and may you do super well,” he said initially.

However, not everything was there, because when questioned about her future, Paloma fiuza made it clear that he hopes to succeed in the workplace with a new season of This is War and a personal project.

And, the garota then was excited to reveal before the cameras of América TV that she also hopes to have achievements in the family by announcing that she wants to become a mother later in the year.

“A new This is war, we are working on it, but I also have my project to do some exercise which is something that fascinates me, I have the Ax thing, and well, well. And, who knows? Maybe later I would love the dream of being a mother, “she concluded Paloma Fiuza.

Paloma Fiuza and Ducelia almost fight in the middle of this smacking game of This is War

The reality girls Paloma Fiuza and Ducelia Echevarría starred in a tense moment in Esto es Guerra a few weeks ago, as the game development of smacking almost got out of control.

“What’s up? Paloma almost slapped Ducelia with the slap. When a combatant does that, they won’t let it pass just like that,” “Paloma reluctantly threw the cake at Ducelia and they are not going to say anything to her? “,” Paloma is never like that, but Ducelia hit her with the cake, that’s why her reaction, Ducelia takes advantage of the game, she is very aggressive, “were some of the comments.