Pamela confesses that she has ALL of Christian’s keys: “Even the cards” [VIDEO]

He surprised everyone present. In the latest edition of Women in Command, Pamela franco was the great guest, who confessed to her own and strangers, that she is not afraid to reveal her little secrets in her relationship with Christian dominguez, This in the same ‘chamber of jealousy’ that Melissa Paredes was subjected to, where she surprised with her reaction when talking about the ex-partners of her Activator Kitten.

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That’s right, during this fun sequence in the new format of Women in CommandThe Peruvian singer did not hesitate to reveal her little secrets and affirm that she is not jealous, but that she is other little things that her partner likes.

According to the couple of Christian dominguez She confessed, she does not need to ask her daughter’s father for the passwords, because alone, the singer gave them to her, generating the surprises of Melissa and Thais Casalino in the set.

“I have the cell phone code, all the cards and everything, I didn’t need to ask for it, he gave it to me,” Franco said so serene that even himself Checho Ibarra He was shocked, because he even believed that she had asked for it.

“We have things in common Chechito please, what is his is mine and what is mine is his,” said the artist with a laugh, as she claims to feel full in her love.

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Does Melissa Paredes believe in love after separation?

After this resurgence of love, Melissa Paredes saw them more excited than ever and launched with the forceful phrase, which is the following: “After a separation sometimes love is strengthened”.

These words caused the tremor on the television set, as they asked if that case could occur between her and Rodrigo Cuba, her ex-partner, despite the idea, Meli said bluntly that it was not her case, but that sometimes it happens.