Pamela Franco “celebrates” removal of Christian from Artist of the Year: “I didn’t want to be there” [VIDEO]

Hot statements. The Peruvian singer Pamela Franco declared exclusively for the cameras of the show program Love and fire, where he would have hinted his annoyance at the participation of Cristian Domínguez in The Artist of the Year.

The member of Pure feeling made it clear that his concern would not be for a possible infidelity of the cumbiambero, and that his apparent displeasure was due to the exposure of his partner in the program of Gisela valcárcel.

According to the images shown by the program led by Rodrigo gonzalez, You can hear the interpreter give a strong message, although it is not clear if it was due to the removal of Chistian Domínguez from the show or other reasons.

“Also Pamela Franco ‘celebrates’ elimination of Christian …’And no, I’m not happy because I’m going to adorn myself, no, it’s for other things … I didn’t want him to be there, because I don’t think he has to expose himself that way.‘”, it is possible to hear in the video of the advance of the declarations of Pamela Franco.

Yanely assures that Pamela Franco and Christian will exceed 3 years: “She would not forgive an infidelity”

The seer Yanely assures that Christian Domínguez cannot lose a great woman like Pamela Franco and predicts a life full of prosperity only if they follow these tips.

He cannot and should not take his feet off the plate, because he would lose a great woman, he would lose a well-formed, well-constituted home.It will be a new year of prosperity for the two of them, their life is like a paradise, they just won’t have to eat the apple of discord, they have to be careful of friends or strangers they bring into their home, “he said.