Pamela Franco motivates Christian Domínguez with kisses in “Maricucha”: “I advise it”

The fidelity of christian dominguez a Pamela Franco It is well monitored by the media and viewers, so much is said about the kisses that the cumbiambero interprets in the series “Maricucha”.

In November, Christian Domínguez and Pamela Franco celebrated their three-year relationship and broke the supposed curse that has accompanied the singer for a long time with his ex-partners, but who is indifferent to these comments is the dancer. She agreed to testify for “Love and Fire” due to speculation.

This Wednesday, November 30, “Love and Fire” issued a link to the conversation that was held with Pamela Franco. In this interview, the leader of “Puro sentimiento” denied being jealous of Christian Domínguez’s work in “Maricucha” and, on the contrary, assures that she advises him in passionate scenes.

“Everything happens for a reason. The truth is that I am super happy. What can I tell you? Even though he stopped acting for a long time, he was a bit anxious. I see it very well”, were the first words of the artist.

“I have seen it in other series, also plated and I know that this is not done right now, well. He already knows how to handle it. I honestly don’t have bad thoughts. For me ‘fresh’ really means nothing. It’s his job. I just see it that way. He is well involved with his scripts here at home and I am not jealous or tormenting myself. What’s more, I see the novel, I love it, I’m dying of laughter. I even advise it ”, he concluded.

The couple was invited to a wedding, where they staged a shameful incident. As usual, Christian Domínguez did his popular baile del worm and Pamela Franco was not far behind. However, the situation got out of control and the model “shot” off the dance floor.