Pamela Franco on Christian Domínguez: “I told him to ‘shut up’ because sometimes he messes up”

Pamela Franco and christian dominguez They are going through a series of criticisms after the singer fails to get a divorce after 20 years of marriage with Tania Ríos. Given this, Domínguez’s partner made a peculiar request because he assures that everything he says will be used against him. Likewise, he clarified that the marriage will not affect their relationship as a couple at all because they already live together as a family and now have other goals.

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What did Pamela tell Christian Domínguez?

Pamela Franco assured that she asked christian dominguez and not to say anything about the subject of marriage because he considers that every time he does, the answer causes a great wave of criticism against him.

“About marriage, if he says yes, I’ve already told him to shut up because sometimes he messes up, I tell him don’t say anything because everything you say will be used against you,” said Pamela Franco in an interview for América Espectáculos.

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Pamela defends the truth of Christian Domínguez

In addition, the singer defended Christian and assured that only the two of them know their truth. The speculations will not affect her relationship as a couple since she knows him, she assures that she is aware of the evidence.

“I myself have told him that please do not say anything anymore because whatever he says, his truth, which is the truth that I know, is the one that I know with evidence and everything, but people are going to speculate and above all the entertainment media want and love Christian very much, they will say what they want, especially what he sells, “he added.

Pamela defends the truth of Domínguez. Photo: Captura América Espectáculos / Instagram capture of Pamela Franco

On the other hand, Pamela Franco confessed that their relationship is not perfect, that it has ups and downs but that they try to be better every day. Along the same lines, she assured that marriage is not something that will change their lives since they are a family and live as such, prioritizing other goals.