Pamela Franco on the departure of Christian Domínguez from reality: “I didn’t want him to be there”

Strong declarations. The cumbia singer Pamela Franco assured that she is not afraid that Christian Domínguez is unfaithful to her, and clarified that that was not the reason why she did not agree with the entry of her partner to the reality show The Artist of the Year. He affirmed that it did not make sense for the leader of The Great Orchestra to participate in the contest for all that he was going to expose himself to.

This was announced in a conversation with reporters from Amor y fuego. The program showed a preview of what will air today, Thursday, November 25. In the video you can clearly hear the member of Puro Sentiment say: “And no, I’m not happy because I’m going to adorn myself, no, it’s for other things … I didn’t want him to be there, because I don’t think he has to expose that way ”.

Christian Domínguez surprised by becoming the first eliminated from the program The Artist of the Year after being defeated by the reality boy Elías Montalvo who obtained greater support from his audience.

The pair of singers would be on the verge of completing three years of relationship. Given this, the entertainment media have looked for Pamela to ask what could come after the time she has been with Domínguez, since he became a bad name because every three years he was unfaithful to the person he was with.

The driver Christian Domínguez was the victim of the ridicule of all his colleagues in America today regarding his relationship with Pamela Franco, who is now three years old. However, the singer surprised with a peculiar response when Janet Barboza annoyed him, assuring: “Three years and a day, and we party”, in reference to the supposed ‘curse’ that Christian claims to have with women.

The salsa singer Christian Domínguez surprised his followers by showing the new tattoo that he would have made with the face of his current partner, Pamela Franco.

In addition, he indicated that this would be the first time that he performed a madness of love for any of his partners, since he had never done something like this before.