Pamela Franco surprises with a striking dress, and Christian Domínguez reacts: “My leather always”

The singer Pamela Franco is the dream of Peruvians who applaud her beauty and sensuality. At 30, she considers herself to be an intelligent woman who knows all her limits. “You only live once, but if you do it right, one is enough,” she wrote as a description of a video she posted on instagram. The artist decides to be happy in her own way and that is how she decides.

I have been in a relationship for 3 years Christian Dominguez, despite the supposed ‘curse’ that the popular ‘Nariz de la cumbia’ had. They showed that there is love between them and they continue together for the good of their little María Cataleya, who recently turned 2 years old. “Today will be a great day because I decide so,” she added in another publication.

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With a sensual and tight green dress, which drew attention due to the deep neckline on the entire back, pamela He upset his partner and father of his daughter: “My leather always”, wrote the actor of the novel ‘Maricucha 2’, who is proud to have her as a partner. It is worth mentioning that she did not accompany him to the birthday of her son Valentino that she had with Karla Tarazona.

The post also generated a lot of feedback from her fans, especially from gentlemen who admire her beauty and stage talent. “What does she do with Christian? She is so beautiful “,” Beautiful “,” Precious “,” The only Peruvian with the best body in the entire country. A thousand congratulations “, were some of the comments from her followers.

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Pamela Franco: Will she marry Christian Domínguez?

In the midst of the rumors that the resolution of the marriage of christian dominguez with Tania Rios, after 20 years, Pamela Franco He confessed that many people ask when the marriage will be. “It’s just that everyone says: ‘Marry, marry’. And I tell Christian I already wanted to, I see that everyone gets married, love is contagious,” she said in “Send whoever’s in charge.”

In this sense, he added that he takes it sportingly. “If the divorce comes out, then everyone waits for us to formalize, and everything is going to happen.” He declared that they are calm with the love relationship they have at the moment. “We are fine on a day-to-day basis. It’s like the desire and dreams of wanting to do it are … I can’t tell you the exact day, but it will come,” he concluded.