Pamela López CELEBRATES Christian Cueva’s birthday with a ROMANTIC dinner: “Congratulations, my husband”

Shout your love to the four winds. The renowned footballer of the Peruvian team christian cave thrilled thousands of Peruvians after Peru’s victory over Paraguay where his wife Pamela López did not hesitate to congratulate him on the victory. Now, the athlete celebrates another year of life and celebrated it at a romantic dinner.

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As is known, the popular influencer remains extremely active on her social networks where she shares some of the special moments she has with her family and with her children’s father. For this reason, she did not hesitate to use her official Instagram account to dedicate a tender message to her partner.

Also, pamela lopez revealed that he had a special evening with christian cave after the snapshot you shared. “A special day with a super special person. Happy birthday, my love, that the grace of God is reflected in you and you continue to fulfill many more dreams and notes,” she wrote.

“I bless every part of your being and I hope that we can always share these beautiful moments together. Congratulations, my husband. I love you Cuevita,” added the public figure, extremely excited.

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Pamela López shows her appreciation to her mother-in-law at TREMENDA FIESTA

The influencer pamela lopez She has shown on more than one occasion that she has a special appreciation for her husband Christian Cueva’s family. For this reason, the public figure on her mother-in-law’s birthday Maqui Carmen Bravo Burgos He did not hesitate to pose with her and make an emotional publication.

“Happy birthday, mother-in-law MAQUI. A different but happy birthday,” he wrote in the description. In this regard, her followers reacted: “May happiness and health reign in her life together with her entire family, Mrs. Maqui”, “Happy birthday Mrs. Maqui”, were some of her comments.

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