Pamela on possible admission of Domínguez to “The Great Show”: “I have nothing against that track”

Pamela Franco Y Christian Dominguez They are about to celebrate three years as a couple, a topic that has been much discussed in recent weeks in various entertainment programs, because the cumbiambero has never overcome that streak of relationship time with his previous romances.

In view of this and the return of “El gran show” to the screens of América TV, several names of public figures have been called to belong to the ranks of the reality show: one of them is that of Christian Domínguez.

The cameras of “Amor y fuego” wasted no time and went looking for the singer to ask her opinion about her partner’s possible entry into the dance contest.

I have said that I am not jealous, and I also said that I am not controlling it. I want a person who loves me, loves him, that we take good care of ourselves,” commented the author of “No one knows what he has.”

In addition, she was questioned about the unseemly situations that the cumbiambero starred in the “Señito” space. As you remember, Christian Domínguez met Isabel Acevedo in “El gran show”.

Later, it was learned that he was unfaithful to his then partner Karla Tarazona with the dancer.

Far from blaming the program for the controversy that arose, Franco pointed out that it was his daughter’s father who made the decision to act in a certain way.

That track in particular has brought me nice things, so I have nothing against it. I know how to see the times, all the stages of people are different, you should not blame a track. If Christian had something happen in his life, it was because he wanted it that way, period. It has nothing to do with the track or the people around it”, he declared.