Pancho Rodríguez announces his SINGLENESS and sends himself a tremendous message: “I am loving myself” [VIDEO]

It is clear. The popular reality boy pancho rodriguez surprised LIVE the thousands of viewers of This is war after confirming again that he ended his relationship with his girlfriend Chile. Now, the public figure was sent with an emotional message.

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This Thursday, November 24, in the latest edition of the competition reality show of america television there was an unexpected moment after the driver johanna san michael questioned the combatant about his sentimental situation.

For his part, the foreign influencer pancho rodriguez He was not ashamed to announce that he is single with a thoughtful message that caught the attention of his colleagues on the TV set.

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Pancho Rodríguez would still be tempered by Yahaira Plasencia

Weeks ago, in an edition of america today there was an unexpected moment after the subject of the romance of Yahaira Plasencia and Pancho Rodriguez was touched on. However, the driver Janet Barboza He left his mouth open by hinting that the Chilean would still be warm as a sauce boat.

“Pancho Rodríguez is the guy who throws the stone and hides his hand. He came out cachaciento, I think he still feels something for the Yaha. I have some kind of knowledge, I have read something and I think Pancho does not forget it, “he said in front of cameras.