Pancho Rodríguez celebrates the arrival in Peru of his Chilean girlfriend: “Finally”

Long live love! Pancho Rodriguez He returned to Peru and re-entered “This is war” as one of the new tails, after having been away for nine months due to a measure imposed by immigration. The model is experiencing one of his best moments after living a nightmare in January of this year.

Let us remember that the reality boy was intervened by the Police in a trunk after celebrating the birthday of the singer Yahaira Plasencia clandestinely. Apparently, the also singer would have forgotten his past and made his life with a compatriot of his who just came to visit him.

The singer Pancho Rodríguez shared in his Instagram stories a photograph with his partner pointing out the location of Lima, Peru, and writing in the caption: “At last”. Apparently, during his stay in Chile he met the woman who currently accompanies him.

So far, the identity of the lady is unknown, but it is expected that in the next few days she will be tagged in a photograph or story to find out who it is.

The singer Yahaira Plasencia sent a notarial letter to the model Pancho Rodríguez with the purpose of correcting himself for ensuring in the program “I have something to tell you” that she was going out with a politician and insinuating that, for this reason, they did not allow her to enter Peru.

In that sense, the reality boy appeared on the program “On everyone’s lips” to express: “(Ask) that I rectify myself at the national level; however, I don’t understand him much, I have never mentioned him, I still correct myself if I ever said something that made him uncomfortable