Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García Miró wear chains of hearts on the player’s birthday

Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García Miró look more united than ever and the details reveal their love. After the videos of the party they organized for the player’s birthday came to light, his followers have shown the thoroughness they carry with them.

Thus, fans discovered that the couple wore a set of necklaces that together made a whole heart. Therefore, each one had half the love that this symbol represents hung on his chest. Those jewels were accompanied by the look of jeans that they wore.

With these details, it is confirmed that the alleged estrangement of Alondra García Miró and Paolo Guerrero was nothing more than unfounded speculation.

While the videos about Paolo Guerrero’s birthday party continue to come out, his followers found out more. In that sense, images of the singer who animated said event began to circulate.

The chosen one was Daniela Darcourt, who was praised by the same player, and, according to the information, it was not just any event, as she would not have charged for such exclusivity.

Putting an end to the rumors of the end of their relationship, the lovers Alondra García Miró and Paolo Guerrero were seen in photographs spending the Christmas holidays as a family.

The speculation began when the couple were seen separately in public places and private events. For obvious reasons, it is important to mention that they have never exposed anything to the Peruvian media environment out of mutual care and respect.