Paolo Guerrero and other footballers who were caught at parties in the middle of the pandemic

The last January 1, Paolo Guerrero the captain of the peruvian team He celebrated his 38th birthday party, a meeting that did not go unnoticed by anyone. Apart from being the most valued Peruvian player in recent years, the celebration of the ‘Predator’ drew attention because the necessary sanitary protocols were not respected at the party to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Zero social distance, absence of masks and disobedience to the curfew were some of the reasons why the pertinent authorities decided to close the farm where the event took place, which also had the presence of large orchestras and other figures of the national football.

Guerrero’s case is not the first. Despite the various measures implemented by the Government to stop the rise of coronavirus infections so far in the pandemic, various footballers have been implicated in shameful scandals for disregarding the rules and prohibitions. We will review each event below.

The current attacker of Alliance Lima celebrated his birthday during the celebrations for Halloween and the Day of the Creole Song. However, at that time, the Government had decreed a strong ban on holding social gatherings due to COVID-19.

At that time, the ‘Foquita’ organized an event that was attended by a renowned salsa orchestra, where social distancing was not respected either.

Subsequently, in the blue and white team there was an outbreak of coronavirus cases, for which the players who tested positive and who had attended Farfán’s party were severely sanctioned.

True to form, the attacker remained on the front page of the media due to his scandals. During the year 2020, he skipped the prohibitions to attend various parties and did not comply with the quarantine on more than one occasion.

Due to your faults, Alliance Lima painting to which he belonged at that time, decided to fire him. I’m going through Binational and then Carlos Stein club from which he was also separated, after he organized a ‘COVID party’ for the birthday of his ex-partner Gabriela Alava.

The technical assistant of Ricardo Gareca it was not saved either. In March 2020, just a few days after the national curfew was decreed due to the coronavirus, the former Newcastle player was intervened by the National Police after participating in a party by ignoring the decree of social isolation.

The police officers had to climb the walls of the home to carry out their work of intervening in the aforementioned event, in which former Sporting Cristal player Pablo Zegarra also participated.

Both soccer players were intervened at a party in Pachacamac, where not only the National Police appeared, but also members of the Armed Forces. In the so-called ‘feast of the immune’, other figures of the national show were also present, such as the model Jamila Dahabreh and the actor Pablo Heredia.

Sebastián La Torre, Patricio Álvarez, Alexi Gómez, Francisco Duclós, Carlos Cabello, Johan Arango and the attackers Kevin Quevedo, Beto da Silva and Andy Polar also broke biosafety protocols by attending various events during the pandemic.

However, the clubs that make up the two main divisions of national football imposed heavy penalties to pressure their players to comply with the rules.