Paolo Guerrero and other Peruvian national team players criticized for extra-sports attitudes

Last Saturday, the captain of the Peruvian team, Paolo Guerrero, celebrated his 38th birthday in the company of family and a group of friends at a farm in Lurín. Footballers of the Bicolor, such as Yoshimar Yotún Edison Flores and Jefferson Farfan They were present. Although this meeting was criticized by some Peruvians, because biosafety measures were not respected to prevent the spread of COVID-19, for the technician Ricardo Gareca this fact happened to be something normal.

“You already have to let people make their lives. Information is given that I think is good, they have to inform people, (but) they don’t have to panic either ”, he declared to the press last Monday, when he stepped on Peruvian territory.

As a result of this situation, in this note we will recall similar cases in which Blanquirroja players were involved in questionable extra-sports attitudes and were also supported by the ‘Tigre’ despite criticism from the public.

Without going very far, in the month of October, the attacker Jefferson Farfan He also celebrated his 37th birthday surrounded by friends and family. In the videos published on social networks, the Alianza Lima footballer appears dancing with his naked torso to the rhythm of the live orchestra music.

Days later, the coach Ricardo Gareca He offered a press conference announcing the list of summoned for the triple date of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers. Like the ‘Predator’, the Argentine showed his support for the ‘Foquita’.

“From all this we have already been going for two years (pandemic) and obviously people are tired of many things and I contemplate everything. In a moment of fun you want to clear your head, what do I know, but I do not justify anything, I do not criticize either. I am at a stage in which I must understand why the circumstances exist ”, he specified that time.

Another national team that ‘Flaco’ Gareca has defended both on and off the field is Christian Cueva. In July 2019, after getting second place in the Copa América, the popular ‘Aladino’ was the protagonist of an apparent drunken image at the party of defender Carlos Zambranos. Months later, in September, he was the protagonist of another embarrassing moment, in which he is seen urinating in the parking lots of the Jorge Chávez airport.

The coach of La Blanquirroja was consulted about these events that the former Alianza Lima player starred in. Although at first the technician criticized Cueva’s behavior, seconds later he tried to minimize it.

“I didn’t like what happened with Cueva. When one is part of the national team, one must be careful in everything because it not only affects the personal, but also the national team. Within the gravity and discomfort it has generated, what can be rescued is that it is appreciated in a family environment. I do not minimize what happened in any way, I do not justify it, but I prefer to see it next to the wife than in another situation “, pointed out at that time.

After what happened, ‘Aladdin’ himself apologized and acknowledged having exceeded. “I apologize, especially to the children. I know that we are an image for them, we are what they, at some point, we wanted to be when they were grown up (sic) ”, he said.