Paolo Guerrero and Ricardo Gareca are harshly criticized by infectologist Ciro Maguiña

The national striker, Paolo Guerrero continues in the eye of the storm, after celebrating his birthday at a party that had more than one hundred people and where no type of health protocol was observed against Covid 19.

In the middle of the announcement of the third wave, in addition, the coach of the national team Ricardo Gareca, He defended the fact that his director has celebrated his birthday, which triggered a wave of criticism.

One of the hardest, was undoubtedly that of the infectious disease doctor, Ciro Maguiña, who claimed Paolo Guerrero so he called it irresponsible already Ricardo Gareca for his statements defending him.

“You have to face the third wave, without having those parties like the ones you did Paolo Guerrero, a symbol of sport that sets a bad example. That should not be done, no matter how much they are idols. Although, they are not severe cases, but whoever catches it unprotected can be affected “, said the doctor for Radio Ovación.

In addition, regarding the Tigre, he mentioned: “The declarations of Ricardo Gareca. Sport is necessary, we have all promoted it, but not irresponsibility. Much he thinks, he thinks and he did not think. We have been in the third wave for days and it was evident that what happened in the world was going to reach us “, he mentioned.

Maguiña went further and announced that all this may have consequences such as the capacity of the stadiums being removed prior to the start of League 1.

“Now the sport is going to be affected, since the capacity will also be lowered. We have to see if the matches are going to be played with the public or only the capacity in the Qualifiers will be reduced ”, said the Vice-Dean of the Medical College of Peru.

Ricardo Gareca defends Paolo Guerrero

It should be noted that, upon arrival in our capital, the coach of the Peruvian team, Ricardo Gareca, had words of support towards the historical scorer of the bicolor.

“You have to let the people live their lives… You don’t have to panic, it is important that we begin to lead a normal life. Each one is the owner of taking care of his life ”, he pointed out.

Minister of Health also criticizes Paolo Guerrero

Ciro Maguiña was not the only one. They didn’t like it at all. The Ministry of Health ruled on the birthday party of Paolo Guerrero, who celebrated with a live orchestra and without complying with the biosafety regulations before the COVID-19. But what did the head of the Minsa portfolio say?

After being consulted about this fact that has put our “Capi” in the eye of the storm, Hernando Cevallos held that “is a bad example“Well, we are already in the third wave after the increase in cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus in our country.

“It is important to take care of ourselves and remember that the delta variant of this virus still predominates, which is very lethal when it catches the elderly or people with comorbidities,” he said.

Paolo Guerrero’s party for his 38 years

It is worth mentioning that Paolo Guerrero hired a salsa band that made all the guests dance, the drinks were not lacking and everyone enjoyed the celebration for the Peruvian soccer player’s birthday, which would have been held at the Mamacona Farm.

Paolo Guerrero celebrated his birthday party number 38 next to his adored and inseparable Alondra García Miró, so our “Capi” did not hesitate to share how well he had a good time because he was dressed as a “cowboy” bone. cowboy and took the forbidden steps with the model.