Paolo Guerrero declared about his controversial party amid the restrictions

After four days of silence, Paolo Guerrero finally spoke about the controversial birthday party that was organized for his 38 years amid the sanitary restrictions imposed by the central government. The forward of the peruvian team He was blunt with the reporter who approached him while he was leaving the Videna.

“If at any time I manifest myself, I will let you know”, said the experienced attacker who is currently looking for equipment.

Then he added: “A moment ago I couldn’t answer you because I was late and they were waiting for me.” The ‘Predator’ was calm and avoided getting into more controversy.

On January 1, the former Inter de Porto Alegre player celebrated another year of life in a country setting with the presence of several guests where sanitary protocols were not respected and the restrictions imposed by the Government were ignored to avoid more coronavirus infections at the end of the year.

On the other hand, Ricardo Gareca was also consulted by the sounded party of the ‘Predator’ and took a position.

“You already have to let the people make their life. Information is given that I think is okay, they have to inform people, they don’t have to panic either. It is important that we begin to lead a normal life and each one is the owner of taking care of his life. Let people solve their life ”, said the technician upon his arrival in Lima.

“Later, when there are political demonstrations, when there are campaigns, when there are any kinds of things, it seems that there is no pandemic. I believe that the time has come for people to resolve on their own without harming others ”, he added.