Paolo Guerrero has not yet scored goals in Avaí and injured his knee, as reported by the Brazilian club: He will not play [FOTO]

Paolo Guerrero he hasn’t scored goals yet Avaí After his arrival in July of this year, however, he now had a new complication: he injured his knee, as confirmed by the Brazilian club on their social networks.

Through your account Twitterthe brazilian club reported that Paolo Guerrero, 38, suffered a knee ailment so the commitment against Fortaleza will be lost this Sunday, October 9.

The ‘Predator’ will miss the match for the fifteenth day of the local tournament. It is worth mentioning that the national attacker was also absent in the defeat (1-2) between Avaí and Botafogo this last Thursday.

Undoubtedly, bad news for the Peruvian team. But, it is more so for his club since they are in the middle of the fight for relegation and he is forced to beat Fortaleza if he does not want to go through uncomfortable situations.

Paolo Guerrero would have disappointed Avaí fans

The opinion of the sports journalist was known Andrew Souza, who spoke about Paolo Guerrero and revealed how disappointed Brazilian fans would be with the ‘9’. “What I perceive is that when Guerrero does not play, the fans are more satisfied. They are not happy with Guerrero… Maybe I should return to Peru, play in Alianza, in a local team, in MLS, in the United States,” he specified. .