Paolo Guerrero: how much does the ring you gave to Ana Paula Consorte cost?

Ana Paula Consorte and Paolo Guerrero usually share details of their relationship on networks. Lately, the dancer has posed attending to her newborn son; However, the fact that she stood out the most is that she did it with the ring that she wears on her finger.. This generated various reactions. Many stated that it could be an engagement ring and the “Predator” would have asked for marriage. Although they have not given any official explanation, a jewelry specialist gave an opinion in “Love and Fire” regarding the cost of this jewel.

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How much does the ring that Paolo Guerrero gave to Ana Paula Consorte cost?

According to the jewelery specialist Diego Acosta, this jewel would be valued at $9,000. He described it as a classic solitaire ring. This basically consists of a ring of 60 cuts and 18 carat gold. It does not present more precious stones. The expert stated that it is a “fine and simple” model.

Given this, the hosts of the program, Rodrigo Gonzales and Gigi Miter, did not hesitate to comment. The driver stated that he is a great ring and very nice. On the other hand, his partner indicated that she does not think it is a commitment, but a detail of the striker with his current partner and mother of his last child.

Paolo Guerrero surprises by tattooing “Ana Paula” on his neck

Conmebol congratulated the “Predator” for being the oldest Peruvian to score in the Copa Libertadores with the Racing shirt. However, netizens put this aside and noticed Paolo’s new tattoo on his neck, which reads “Ana Paula.”