Paolo Guerrero shocks MAM drivers: “His swimwear is 10 years old”

They sent everything. The drivers of Mujeres al Mando were more than surprised to see the summer style of Paolo Guerrero who is characterized by his expensive lifestyle.

In a segment where the conductors had to qualify the celebrities with bathing suits, it was the turn of Paolo Guerrero on the beach.

When introduced by Kurt Villavicencio, Karla Tarazona and Chris Soifer, they were very interested in knowing how the popular Guerrero defends himself and shows off his toned body in the sun.

However, their surprise was great to see him wearing swimwear that would not suit him, they even dared to say that they were a bit disappointed, since ‘el capi’ is characterized by always dressing in fashion.

They even commented that if their partner Alondra Garcia dressed him, this would not happen, furthermore, Kurt villavicencio He maintained that the clothes that were being observed were somewhat old: “His bathing suits are 10 years old.”

With great sadness all the drivers gave the same verdict and claimed to have been somewhat sad to see Guerrero in that way, giving him a low score

Paolo Guerrero on his 38th birthday and the effusive hug to Daniela Darcourt

The footballer had a luxurious host at his 38th birthday meeting, nothing more and nothing less than the sauce boat Daniela Darcourt, who sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ with Alondra García and Doña ‘Peta’. For this, then he embraced her effusively.