Paolo Guerrero to Qatar? PG9 will travel on the plane of the Peruvian team to Spain [VIDEO]

Paolo Guerrero was the name that Ricardo Gareca did not include on his list to travel to Spain, where the Peruvian team will hold a friendly match against New Zealand and then in Doha, Qatar, for the Qatar 2022 World Cup playoff. However, ‘PG9’ I would have a special ticket to accompany the Bicolor on her flight to Europe.

Journalist Richard of the Stone He said in América Noticia, in the sports block, that Paolo Guerrero did not train on Monday at Videna, but he did on Tuesday, but not with the other teammates who have joined the San Luis venue. However, the striker is doing his best to recover his good physique.

“(Ricardo) Gareca would have spoken, he would have slipped the possibility that Paolo Guerrero accompanies the selection. Not as summoned, but to accompany the group in Europe “indicated the sports driver.

Will Jefferson Farfán also travel with the Peruvian team to Europe?

Another of the players who were not in the call was Jefferson Farfán, who, compared to Paolo Guerrero, is not in a position to play football and his situation still does not have a return date in Alianza Lima, his current club. For that reason, his name is far from Bicolor, for now. However, La Foquita was also in Gareca’s plan to accompany the first team, but the 10 from the street would have preferred to stay to get back in shape with Alianza in League 1.