Paolo Guerrero, Yahaira and other celebrities who organized big parties in the middle of the pandemic

Paolo Guerrero He turned 38 on January 1, so he decided to celebrate it with a massive party held at the Mamacona Farm. The event was packed with hundreds of people who did not comply with health protocols. Likewise, others selected, such as Yoshimar Yotún, Jefferson Farfán and Edison Flores, were also present at this event, which also featured presentations by Daniela Darcourt and Combinación de La Habana.

As expected, the captain of the Peruvian team has received strong criticism from public opinion because he did not respect the restrictions imposed by the Government. However, the ‘Predator’ has not been the only local personality that has transgressed the rules to avoid COVID-19 infections; Therefore, here we will review a list of those who did not give importance to the pandemic and celebrated their respective birthdays.

This was perhaps the most controversial party during the coronavirus pandemic in Peru. Yahaira Plasencia seemed to care little that the country has been going through the second wave of infections, because at the end of April he organized a massive party that had hundreds of guests, among them Pacho Rodríguez.

The members of the National Police broke into the place where the event was being held because sanitary restrictions were being violated. However, the gravy boat had no better idea than to hide inside the trunk of her car to avoid being intervened. However, the sauce boat was found by a member of the order who also recorded the peculiar moment.

In July 2021, the second wave of contagion and deaths was already trending downward. This was well used by Dorita Orbegoso, who decided to celebrate her 34 years in the middle of a well-attended home celebration.

As expected, those attending this engagement did not use a protective mask, did not keep the required distance, and were in a closed space. It was on the Instarándula channel where the images were shared. These generated criticism from Internet users.

Another footballer on this lackluster list is Jefferson Farfán. The Alianza Lima player took advantage of the fact that he was turning one more year of life to put together a celebration to all give. The meeting point was his house located in one of the most exclusive areas of Lima, where more than one teammate was present.

The event was animated by Combinación de La Habana, which has become the preferred orchestra of those selected, and by Son Tentación. The videos of the party were leaked on social networks and in them the experienced attacker can be seen enjoying himself to the point of dancing without pole.

Another personality who chose her home to have fun with dozens of guests for her birthday was Samahara Lobatón. The funny thing was that the young influencer had announced days before that she would not meet with many people again, a fact that she obviously did not comply with.

The images released by Amor y fuego even show an orchestra inside the house of Melissa Klug’s daughter. Likewise, Youna and the rest of the guests are appreciated without masks and with little distance from each other.