Paolo Hurtado asked Rosa Fuentes for help before threatening her, according to chats: “You are the only one who can”

Fire! Paolo Hurtado is in the eye of the storm after starring in new images with Jossmery Toledo, with whom he spent the weekend with his family in some bungalows in Saint Eulalia. However, this was not all, as controversial chats with his still wife Rosa Fuentes were disseminated, where various situations came to light.

In the last edition of Magaly TV The FirmLast night, Monday, April 18, Magaly Medina had an exclusive interview with Claudia Zumaeta, the lawyer representing the spouse of the ‘Horse’ Hurtado, and this gave him some conversations where he told him everything. She not only told him to “prepare for war” and that “the best man would win”, as well as she warned him that the former PNP petty officer would come out of it.

YOU CAN SEE: Paolo Hurtado warned Rosa Fuentes that Jossmery Toledo will tell her truth: “You’ll fight with her”

But, now it turns out that days before, another was the story, because in other chats broadcast on the program Magaly Medina you can see howor Paolo Hurtado behaved in a way Rosa Fuentes, to later change radically after his new ampay with Jossmery Toledo.

“I’m in Cusco, now we’ll talk later, I’ll train. Please help me, you’re the only one who can help me. You and my children are the only people who can help me,” he said in the first part of the message, to later share a Capture of a tweet that said: “It’s never too late, time only runs out when life ends, and until then you always perceive a possibility for everything.”

YOU CAN SEE: Rosa Fuentes breaks her silence after a new ampay from Hurtado and Jossmery: “They are not ashamed, they are one for which”

Lawyer for Rosa Fuentes and Magaly Medina attack Paolo Hurtado

As stated Magaly Medina, would not show the rest of the chats because they were quite strong, and assured that Paolo Hurtado “He is threatening to make public episodes that have nothing to do with the flagrant infidelity that he committed, he is bringing up facts from the past life of this lady from when she was single and could do with her life whatever she wanted.”

The ‘Magpie‘ was not the only one who questioned the ‘Horse’ Hurtado but the lawyer of Rosa Fuentes She also did it, and she was quite indignant at the words he said, because with this it would show that he does not give greater importance to the state of pregnancy of who is the mother of his children.

“Who is he? Years fighting for the vindication of women’s rights so that a man comes to talk about morality, about what she was, who she was with or not when she was single. Do me a favor! ”, She pointed out quite annoyed Claudia Zumaeta.