Paolo Hurtado: Cienciano’s sanction, his wife’s demands and more problems he will have after his ampays

The soccer player Paolo Hurtado is in the eye of the storm due to the ampays he had with Jossmery Toledo, but the problems for the husband of Rosa Fuentes they just started.

In recent days it was announced that his team scientist he would give him a strong sanction and the lawyer of the mother of his children, Claudia Zumaeta, announced that his patron would denounce him. Next we tell you all the problems that are beginning to have.

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Rosa Fuentes will sue Paolo Hurtado

the lawyer of Rosa Fuentes revealed in the Magaly Medina program that her client will sue Paolo Hurtado for alimony, psychological violence.

“The Lord (Paul) is avoiding his responsibilities and is not promoting a conciliation. He has left me no other way out than to sue him for many reasons, divorce, which is already in progress; food because he has to give it; and lastly for psychological violence and patrimonial economic violence”, the lawyer is heard detailing.

It should be noted that Zumaeta and the athlete are currently in communication to try to reach a conciliation agreement. This was announced by Magaly Medina in her last program, but after not reaching an agreement, she would continue with the lawsuit.

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Cienciano initiates disciplinary proceedings against Paolo Hurtado

Through a statement to the public opinion, the Club Cienciano del Cusco announced that it has just initiated a disciplinary process against Paolo Hurtado. In addition, they apologized to their fans for the extra-soccer events that damage the team’s image.

“Following the images broadcast on a television program on the night of Monday, April 17, the Cienciano Club has initiated a disciplinary process against the footballer Paolo Hurtado“, the statement read.

It should be noted that La República contacted a source in the team, where they explained that the athlete would be temporarily excluded from the team and his training sessions will be carried out with the complementary team.

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Paolo Hurtado declared war on Rosa Fuentes

After the second ampay of Paolo Guerrerothe soccer player found out that his wife’s lawyer Rosa Fuentes would contact Magaly Medina to give her version of the facts, for which she sent her some outrageous chats.

In the messages it is revealed that the baseball player declares war on the mother of his children and assures that he will ask Jossmery Toledo to come forward so they can start fighting.

  • PH: The way you talk, I’m going to tell her (jossmery) to come out and talk. You will fight against her ps.
  • PH: She’s going to come out to talk, now I’m going to tell her.
  • PH: I’m going to tell her everything so she can come out and talk
  • PH: I’m not going to look bad here
  • PH: Do you want to play dirty? okay

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