Paolo Hurtado: How much would the footballer have spent on a getaway with Jossmery Toledo?

The program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ Not only did she manage to capture the party that Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado had over the weekend in Santa Eulalia, to where they escaped with their close friends and family, but even with her pet, who was able to enjoy this recreational place.

The team of Magaly Medina managed to find out how much he would have spent Paolo Hurtado for celebrating the birthday of the exchica reality show in Santa Eulalia, Jossmery Toledo, because the Cienciano footballer ended up renting five bungalows and his own pool for everyone involved. Even the presence of the ex-police dog came at a cost.

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According to the owner of the bungalow, the price is fixed at 110 soles per person per night. It should be noted that the meeting was not only attended Jossmery Toledobut that her friends and also the sisters of Paolo Hurtadohis brother-in-law and even his father, who was seen enjoying the orchestra at night that even hired the ‘Caballito’.

But also, the presence of the pet in the bungalow had an additional cost, as it became known thanks to the tariff. “We are Petfriendy. S/ 20 soles per night per pet,” was what the production team ended up finding out. Magaly Medinawhen putting together the note of the weekend party that he had Jossmery Toledo and Paolo Hurtado.

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Paolo Hurtado would have tried return with Rosa Fuentes

The soccer player Paolo Hurtado would have tried to resume his relationship with his wife Rosa Fuentes as revealed by Magaly Medina herself. This is what the magpie said when starting her program on ‘Magaly TV La Firme’, even noting that she had chats.

“I’m going to show you these conversations that indicated that Paolo Hurtado was looking for a new opportunity with his wife, like that, believe it or not,” was what the journalist Magaly Medina ended up revealing, to later question the footballer’s family. “What a family. How can a family pimp? The whole family was there,” said the magpie about the new images of the athlete with Jossmery Toledo on the outskirts of Lima.