Paolo Hurtado sends a message to Rosa Fuentes and calls her wife: “Thank you for knowing how to cope with things”

Peruvian soccer player Paolo Hurtado shocked thousands of his followers and users of social networks after sharing a video apologizing to his ex-partner Rosa Fuentes and their children. However, detail in the clip of her caught the attention of many as he continues to call her ‘wife’.

This Friday, May 26, the national baseball player He decided to break his silence for the first time after his controversial ampays with Jossmery Toledo, with whom his romance would have already ended after having been caught together on several occasions and in a romantic way.

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Through his official Instagram account, Paolo Hurtado decided to publicly offer forgiveness to Rosa Fuentes and sons. However, “Caballito” spent a few seconds addressing his ex-sentimental partner and even ended up thanking him for the reconciliation they have reached for his children.

“I know that these have been difficult weeks for my family, I know that I have made decisions that have harmed them unnecessarily and for this reason, I am aware that I have deeply disappointed them. For this reason, I want to apologize to my wife for everything that has happened,” he said at the beginning.

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What message did Paolo Hurtado send to Rosa Fuentes?

“Recently we have had a positive agreement with my wife for the well-being of our children. For this reason, I want to thank her for her ability and willingness to reach an agreement for the well-being of our children,” he said.

“Because nothing will ever be above the well-being of our children, the love we have for them and their emotional state is very important to us. For this reason, Rosa, thank you for knowing how to cope with things regarding our children,” he concluded.