Paolo Hurtado: These are all the outrageous chats he sent to his wife Rosa Fuentes after ampay

The soccer player Paolo Hurtado finds himself once again in the eye of the storm, after the program love and fire issued a new ampay about the romantic moment he spent with Jossmery Toledo.

However, that was not the only thing that caused outrage among viewers, as Magaly Medina He revealed the chats that the athlete sent to his still wife Rosa Fuentes after their new love affair was aired and it was announced that his lawyer Claudia Zumaeta would toast the “Urraca”.

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These are the chats that Paolo Hurtado sent to his wife Rosa Fuentes after ampays

As we mentioned in previous lines, Paolo Hurtado sent him a series of chats after the extramarital relationship he has with Jossmery Toledoso next we will detail what they say.

Chats after the first ampay

Rosa Fuentes, through her lawyer, revealed the chats that her still-husband sent her after being protected in Cusco with Jossmery Toledo. In the conversation we can see how the footballer asks for help in the situation he was going through.

  • Paolo Hurtado: I am in Cusco. We’ll talk later, I’ll train
  • Pink Sources: And I really wish you luck. So many years taking care of your career so that now you end up like this. How sad.
  • PH: Please help me, you are the only one who can help me (crying and begging emojis)
  • PH: You and my children are the only people who can help me (send motivational phrase capture)

Chats after the second ampay

After the second ampay was issued and the lawyer Zumaeta announced her relationship with Magaly Medina, Paolo Hurtado sent a series of controversial chats to Rosa Fuentes where he declared war on her.

  • PH: Let the war begin
  • PH: Let’s go all out now. let’s go with everything
  • PH: May the best man win. We are going to the war
  • PH: He sells the watches and everything.
  • PH: May those watches last you
  • PH: But we’re going to war together.
  • PH: Sell the watches you stole from me and the jewelry

In addition, the athlete assured the mother of his children that he would tell Jossmery Toledo everything so that he would come out to defend his image and give his version of the facts.

  • PH: The way you talk, I’m going to tell her (jossmery) to come out and talk. You will fight against her ps.
  • PH: She’s going to come out to talk, now I’m going to tell her.
  • PH: I’m going to tell her everything so she can come out and talk
  • PH: I’m not going to look bad here
  • PH: Do you want to play dirty? okay

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Rosa Fuentes on new ampay of Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo

On his official Facebook account, Rosa Fuentes He also stated that he has no respect for Paolo Hurtado nor for Jossmery Toledo, thus remembering that it is in a state of gestation. “The truth does not surprise me, they are 2 people who have no shame and even a little respect for children and a pregnant woman,” she said.

“They are such for which, they do deserve it. This does not humiliate me anymore, if that was what they wanted to achieve, this makes me stronger and more confident in the decision I made,” added the mother of the Cienciano soccer player’s children. .