Paolo Hurtado would not be fulfilling his duties as a father: “His children had to stop studying”

Paolo Hurtado He was captured again with Jossmery Toledo in Santa Eulalia. The soccer player met with his family and the former police officer to celebrate his birthday. After the dissemination of the images in “Love and Fire”, on Monday, April 17, his still wife Rosa Fuentes shared a statement highlighting the divorce request. Hours later, the young woman’s lawyer gave statements in “Magaly TV, the firm” to give details of the situation and revealed that the “Caballito” is having serious offenses towards his children.

Claudia Zumaeta, legal defense of the athlete’s spouse, spoke of the harsh reality that she lives in the United States. In addition, she told how the behavior of the former Peruvian national team has been after exposing the case of infidelity.

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Paolo Hurtado and Rosa Fuentes facing each other. Photo: Composition/LR

What is the situation of the children of Paolo Hurtado?

Through a telephone link, the lawyer spoke about how Paolo Hurtado’s children live with their mother. “She is with the last savings that she has had. The most affected are the minors, because they have had to stop studying,” she said on the call.

“The man walks and can take the family on a picnic. And he can have some very nice ‘escapones’, and his children nothing. We are asking him not for her, but for her children. She has no remorse,” said the defender.

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Magaly outraged with Paolo Hurtado’s new ampay

He was shocked! Magaly Medina was amazed by the dissemination of new images of Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo last weekend. “There is the father, the sisters, the brother-in-law, that is, what family? How can a family pander to this kind of thing?” said the television presenter.

Given this, the driver revealed that he would have wanted to return with Rosa Fuentes and even begged her. “Help me, please, you are the only one who can help me. You and my children are the only people who can help me,” writes the athlete in the chats that “Urraca” exposed.

Paolo Hurtado threatens Rosa Fuentes. Photo: ATV.