Paramore in Lima: when, where and at what time does the sale of tickets for the rock band start

Attention fans! The famous American pop and rock band Paramore surprised all her Peruvian fans by announcing that they will perform in our country on March 2, 2023 as part of their South American tour. Find out in this note from El Popular all the details that you must take into account about the pre-sale of tickets for the concerteither.

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When and at what time does the presale of tickets start for the Paramore concert?

The presale of tickets for the concert of paramore starts today Friday October 7th from 9:00 am and will be available until the next day or end of stock.

It should be noted that the tickets can be purchased exclusively through the website of teleticket and it is only Interbank customers who will be able to purchase the tickets, because they have a 15% discount.

Paramore: How to buy concert tickets?

In order to purchase your ticket to the Paramore concert you must follow these steps:

  • Enter the website of teleticket.
  • Create your account and if you already have just put the corresponding data.
  • Once in your account, select the Paramore concert and it will redirect you to a virtual queue.
  • After the line, choose the area and price of your ticket and click on “Buy”.
  • To proceed with the purchase, enter your card details and click “Continue”.

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What is the price of tickets for the Paramore concert?

Here we leave you the Paramore concert prices in Lima:

Presale tickets Paramore in Lima

  • Camp A: S/380.00
  • Camp B: S/220.00
  • Grandstand: S/ 130.00

Full price tickets

  • Camp A: S/448.00
  • Camp B: S/259.00
  • Grandstand: S/ 153.00